Year 3

So, on February 13, I will be entering year 3 of writing this blog.  Year one was a blur and I had so much fun writing and adapting the screenplay into written posts.  This past year had many more challenges.  Finding time to blog while we are in production is near impossible and, since I was expanding characters that didn’t have their own plot lines in the original screenplay, I found myself with writer’s block from time to time.  Your patience has been much appreciated.

Heading in to year 3, I’m committed to managing my time as best I can and bringing the next phase of this story to life.  There will be a couple of additions in the coming weeks that will make it easier for me to continue and hopefully more enjoyable for all.  I’m moving hosting, which means nothing for you but a lot for the blog!  I’ll have extra features that will help the little crawlers at Google find me and draw in more readers.  This is a good thing, as the next big step is to begin working with brands.  Up until now, I’ve written New With Tags for fun and for free.  I haven’t minded one bit BUT, some brand deals will make the argument for the next steps in production.  All this means is that you’ll start seeing ads and some sponsored brands woven into the story.  It won’t interfere with the story one bit.  You see it on TV all of the time!!

The more I run this blog like a business, the quicker it climbs on my list of priorities.  If you like this story and would like to see more, I’m going to beg you to be an active participant in it’s growth.  That means commenting ( I love comments) and sharing the posts you love!

There will be a story post this weekend, however as I switch hosting, the site may be down for a bit.  Don’t panic.  It’ll be back up quickly.

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4 thoughts on “Year 3

    1. The site went down for a little while longer than I’d hoped. I was freaking a little but it’s in full swing again. The new hosting is going to allow me to do a lot more.

    1. Thanks Allie! I only just discovered your blog a few weeks ago. I’ll have to catch up on it soon! Thanks for reading and commenting. I’ve got a ton planned for Year 3, including some video storytelling, so stay tuned!!! 💕

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