No, I haven’t fallen from a cliff, gotten amnesia and forgotten you, or abandoned poor Carrie & Co.  They are on my mind daily and (I sound like a broken record) I promise some new posts very soon.  

I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks and not only have they cut into my time, my creativity has been redirected as well.  I have a very good excuse, want to hear it?  Actually 3 good excuses.

If you’ve been along for this ride for awhile, you know that this blog (for now) is kind of a hobby that I do believe one day soon will develop into a series.  My day job, and yes it is my real, full time job, is in film production.  For the past 6 years, I’ve owned a production company with my business partner and we’ve enjoyed some decent success working on other people’s stories and a few small stories of our own.  In the last month, we decided to purchase a studio ( a big one) and simultaneously, two of our feature films were “greenlit” which is the industry term for having the money to produce them.  I can’t begin to express how huge these steps are for our team.  

Our new digs! I’ll take you on a virtual tour real soon!

That being said, I’ve been bogged down in meetings, signing papers, attending inspections, and working on preproduction for one of these two films.  This is extra exciting because completing these projects puts NWT poised in an even better position to (hopefully) get into preproduction by the end of this year.  I’m not quitting and I know this was a horrible place to leave people hanging.  Talk about a cliffhanger.  It was not planned this way.  Anyway, I have declared that this next weekend is sacred and will finish the next several posts.  

I can’t tell you all enough, especially those who have been here since the beginning, how much it means that you’re still reading the story.  I love your comments and messages.  If you’d like to see NWT on a screen near you (probably Amazon and/or Hulu) you can cast your vote by sharing the blog.  

Brands and products are how TV gets funded.  The more readers I have, the better.  If you love the story, your friends probably will you.  If everyone reading got just one more person to log on and read, comment, or follow on social media, we’d be well on our way.

As soon as the dust settles in a few weeks, I definitely plan to incentivize sharing with some cool giveaways.  In the meantime, I’ll be Instagraming and Tweeting the move into the studio and show some sneak peeks of what NWT might look like.  You all are the best.  

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6 thoughts on “Update 

  1. Thanks. I feel so guilty when it takes so long for me to post. I’d rather do it well than do it fast but I know people are waiting! Thanks for reading and I promise at least one post over the weekend.

  2. You are the one blogger I’ve followed who, regardless of how long it might be between posts, I know will update or communicate regularly. What you have going on is so much more important and exciting – but it’s heartening to read you say that you understand how much we love your writing and will be able to update soon. Can’t wait for the virtual tour and CONGRATULATIONS!! Thank you!

    1. I ❤️ you so freakin’ much!!! And my other stuff is not more important it’s just what pays the bills :). The day that NWT becomes our #1 priority is actually within site. You have no idea how much I live for support like yours! 💕💕💕

    1. Just published a pretty long post and putting the next one out in a few hours, I hope. If I can stay awake. It’s such an important post. I may have a little…um… performance anxiety LOL.

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