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a TV / Web Series currently in development.  I’m excited that you are here!!!  New With Tags is a fictional blog, adapted from the screenplay.  This blog is definitely an experiment.  I found, after finishing the screenplay, that there was more to tell.  To be completely transparent, my hope is that you’ll come to love Caroline, Nate, Legacy, and everyone else like I do;  so much that we launch the first episodes with a built in audience.

This is a little bit of Grey’s Anatomy and a dash of Friends but a story that stands all on it’s own.  It’s your kind of story if you’ve ever been in love, want to fall in love, plan to fall in love… you get the picture.  Like a lot of love stories, Caroline and Nate begin from very different ends of the spectrum.  Nothing alike and yet…

They have each found success in their chosen career paths.  He is one of the top cardio-thoracic surgeons in the world, content to live and breathe his work, day in and day out.  She rose to stardom as a fitness celebrity with her own DVD series and a stint on reality TV.  This is the story of a first love as it happens to two adults who somehow missed a few steps along the way.

Season 1 begins in the next post!

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  1. I’ve never heard of this screenplay but it sounds exciting! I like the idea of a fictional blog! I’m going to subscribe!

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