Episode 134

Amanda's parents drop a small bomb. Carrie struggles to keep secrets. #besties #contemporaryromance #lovestory #firstlove

“Dr. Nathan Dorough,” he answered pleasantly.

“Dr. Dorough, you have a call from a Bruce Van Dreesen parked on Line 7.”

“Thank you,” he replied and then to Amy, “It’s them.”

Amy sat up straight her conversation with Nate temporarily forgotten. “Here we go.”

“Mr. Van Dreesen?” Nate began. “This is Dr. Nate Dorough at Manhattan Trinity…”

“Our daughter?,” A woman’s quivering voice interrupted. “How is she?”

Amy leaned in. “Mr. and Mrs. Van Dreesen, This is Dr. Amy Craythorne. I’ve been the physician on your daughter’s case. She’s in recovery at the moment and we’ll know something more in a few hours. Her injuries are extensive and the next few hours and days are critical. I’m sorry that I can’t tell you more but we’re taking good care of her.” Dr. Craythorne answered, struggling to keep her voice steady.

“Is Legacy with her?” Mrs. Van Dreesen asked.

Nate suddenly sat up straight at the sound of Legacy’s name but he remained silent.

“No, no one has been here.” Amy informed her but quickly added, “we couldn’t allow visitors until we reached her next of … until we reached you.”

“Oh no,” the woman sounded distressed. “She must be worried sick. Legacy is Amanda’s best friend.”

Nate pursed his lips allowing Amy to continue the conversation. Clearly, their patient’s mother had been misinformed…

Carrie had decided to drop in on an instructor and take a kickboxing class in the afternoon after she’d dealt with some paperwork. She didn’t particularly like kickboxing and was grateful that she had a decent instructor to teach it but from time to time, it was smart to do a “drive-by” and drop into class unannounced. She was pleased to find Gaby, the girl who ran the smoothie bar was also taking the class. Employees were encouraged to use the facilities, unlike at other gyms, where the staff was not allowed to mingle with the members. At CDM, Carrie wanted her employees using the club in their off hours. When a restaurant’s employees trusted the food, that spoke well of the establishment. This was no different.

Gaby caught up to her as class was dispersing.

“Thanks, Bradley,” Carrie waved to the instructor who was chatting with a few members about their form. “Great class.” He nodded and waved. Carrie noticed Gaby blush and pick up her pace.

“Hey, Gaby, how are you?”

“I’m good. I hope it’s okay that I took class.” she seemed embarrassed.

“Totally. Did you like it?”

“Yeah, it’s hard but I like it a lot. Bradley’s a good instructor.” She flushed again.

“So, you know that there’s no specific company policy against dating in the workplace right?”

“What? I…” Gaby stammered. “Am I that obvious?”

“Kinda yeah, but girls throw themselves at him all of the time. Sit back and just chill. I’ll think of a reason to get you two to talk if you want me to play matchmaker.”

“You’d do that?” Gaby squealed.

“It’s the least I can do after nearly bleeding to death in your blender.”

“It’s not my blender, it’s yours… Also, I was actually going to ask you about other positions here.”

“Are you totally traumatized?”

“No, I’m not. Really, I’m grateful to be working here.” the girl jittered.

“Relax, I was kidding.”

“Oh, okay. So, I actually took the job at the bar just to get to work here. I’d really like to get certified to teach or train or something like that. I’m thinking of going to school for Kinesiology and…”

“I didn’t know that. Very cool. Just so you know, I never did that… though I’m not saying you shouldn’t. I’ll send you some links to the certification programs we accept and you can go from there. I will tell you that I don’t like to hire people without experience. Our client base is sort of on the elite side but you should still go through the process if it’s what you really want to pursue.”

“You mean I couldn’t work here?” Gaby looked disappointed.

“Have you seen our fee structure?”

Gaby nodded.

“It’s high because our trainers have proven success rates and usually a client or two with some celebrity status. You could work the floor but you couldn’t have clients of your own. But… if it’s something you know you want, please don’t let me hold you back. I’d rather see you go somewhere else than to stifle your dreams.”

“Well, it’s something I only just started thinking about and I don’t want to quit. I really like it here.”

“Good. I like having you here but I’m not in the business of holding people back so you just let me know what I can help you do, okay?”

“Okay,” Gaby beamed. “Thank you.’ She skipped off only to circle back quickly to give Carrie a quick hug and trotted off again.

Carrie’s phone rang before she could react.

“Hey!” Carrie answered her cheerfully, “I was just going call you. How was Morgantown?” She let herself into her office and plopped down on the couch.

“It was fine.” Legacy began. “Actually, no it wasn’t but it was good. I’m sure that makes no sense but I’ll fill you in. I was actually calling to ask you to call David.”

“You’re calling me to ask me to call him. Why doesn’t he just call me?”

“He saw Matt.”


“So, you’ll call?”

“Of course I will. Is he okay?”

“I think he’s just missing you.”

“He saw me yesterday and he was a total butthole. Never mind. Yes, I’ll call but I need to tell you something only I’m not supposed to tell you and also I don’t know anything so I can’t really tell you anything.”

“Okay, can we analyze that sentence for a second. English is your first language isn’t it?” Legacy teased.

“Haha, shut up and listen. Amy, Nathan’s ex Amy, is Amanda’s doctor.”

“I’m sorry, huh.” Legacy said as if she hadn’t heard.

“There’s more. Nate got called in today for something so I guess that means something heart related happened. He told me I’m not allowed to ask him anything which is killing me. He texted me just a bit ago just to tell me he was out of surgery but I don’t know what that means.”

Legacy’s phone vibrated in her hand. She paused to check and then returned to Carrie.

“Uh, well. Your boyfriend is calling me on the other line.”

“Oh shit. okay. Call me later.” they hung up and Carrie immediately dialed David’s number.

4 thoughts on “Episode 134

  1. Uh-Oh. Lines are getting blurred. Carrie needs to zip it regarding Amanda. And Amanda’s parents think that she and Legacy are besties? Oh, what a mess. Can’t wait for the next chapter! mum

    1. Another new post this week. Wednesday or Thursday. And yeah, she’s going to really have to keep her cool to stay out of trouble here.

  2. I really hope that Amanda pulls through. Interested to see if Legacy will connect with her parents – it’s gonna get messy. I’m so glad to read about everyone again!

    1. Yeah, It’s gonna be a little messy for Legacy. And thanks. It’s great to be writing again and thinking about them all again.

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