Episode 131

She's a former reality star turned fitness celebrity and he's a shy but brilliant heart surgeon. They have nothing in common and they are perfect together. Read for free. Can she open his eyes to a world without scalpels and scrubs? Will he win her heart with his unassuming manner and charm? This is where their story begins. #romcom #chicklit #bookboyfriend #firstlove #fitspo #couplegoals #girlboss #medicaldrama #fitness #fictionalcharacters #romcom #friends

With her back to him and with a handful of body wash, Nathan began running his bare, soapy hands down her back and over her shoulders. It wasn’t long though before he’d encircled her waist, lathering up each of her breasts.



“You know I can reach those myself, right?”

“Are you sure?” he asked, rolling a nipple gently between his thumb and forefinger.

“I thought you were tired,” Carrie teased.

Nathan’s fingers followed a trickle of water down her neck, caressing her bare shoulders. Carrie leaned back, resting her head against him, her eyes enjoying their nakedness in the mirror. He pressed his opened mouth against her wet skin where her shoulder met her neck, keeping his eyes intent on hers.

“You’re sexy,” he growled, taking greedy mouthfuls of her flesh on his way up her neck. Pausing near her ear, he moaned, pressing his aching thickness against the small of her back.

“Am, I?”

Carrie asked, instantly very self-aware. It wasn’t that she didn’t know it but when he said it, it meant something completely different. He meant that she was sexy, not that she looked sexy. She worked very hard to keep a tight, perky butt and slender waist. She had a sexy figure but until him, she’d never been sexy.

Nathan replied with another groan, gripping her hip bones from behind, grinding himself against her, and sucking her earlobe. “You know what I want?” he laughed.

“Give me a hint,” she laughed.

“Lean over a little and I’ll give you way more than a hint.” he winked.

Carrie did as he requested, bending forward at the hips and backing her ass up towards him. She’d seen this done. After all, what was the internet for if not for… um… instruction.

Nathan assessed their difference in height. “This could be very hot or very comical.,” he snickered. “Let’s get in bed.”

Carrie shook her head. “Hold me,”

she instructed, placing her hands over his, gripping her hips tighter. Then, with her hands on the countertop, she performed a push-up, raising her feet off the floor and bringing her center up to meet his.

“Yeah?” he asked, his excitement growing. The view of her in the mirror with her wet hair clinging to her shoulders and drops of water laying in her eyelashes that made her seem more wide-eyed was nearly enough to drive him right over the edge with no coaxing. She nodded, with a dreamy look curving her back to give him better access. Nathan gave her only a second or two to find purchase before leveling himself at her tender opening. He’d planned to take it slow, to coax her gently one loving thrust at a time. That had been his intention until, upon grazing her backside, she threw her head back, meeting his eye in the mirror with fire in her eyes. He plunged, rigid and deep, forcing his entire length, expanding her body instantly.

The sound that escaped her throat was guttural, almost primal and they found a ferocious but steady rhythm. The feel of her body straining to accept all of him at this angle was heady. Balancing the weight of their bodies, her triceps twitched. Her strength always surprised him and it was in stark contrast to her delicate as paper insides. The trust she had in him, her complete surrender would affect him every time. For all her might, she was his.

In and out, in and out, in, in, in and out.

She ground into him reaching for the floor with her toes, tilting her pelvis up receiving him completely and quaking from the sheer volume. Carrie cried out a series of meaningless vowels, in bliss or in pain, she wasn’t sure but the combination was thrilling. With each thrust, she felt her body spreading to its limit. She tried to focus on the heat that was crawling up her limbs when her arms gave out.

His long arms were around her middle instantly. “I’ve got you.” he breathed into her hair, supporting her body while she came undone.  “Let’s take this somewhere safer.”

In the bedroom, she crawled onto the bed on all fours. “Like this?” she asked, sounding uncertain.

Flopping on the bed beside her, he flipped her around so that she fell onto his chest where he nestled her in close. Sex with her always made him feel more protective, more like a man than he’d ever felt before in his life. “How about like this?” Nathan yawned.

“Okay but…,”

she met his yawn with one of her own. “I got mine. You didn’t.”

“Mmmm, believe me, I plan to. I just need a minute. I’m so tired.” He kissed her gently on top of her head. “Your hair is wet. You want to dry it before we fall asleep?”

Back in the bathroom, Nathan sat on the closed lid of the toilet, watching her dance around whipping the hair dryer back and forth over her baby fine hair. He laughed loud enough to be heard over the blast of her hair dryer.

“What?” she blushed at being ogled.

“You’re entertaining.” he grinned.

“Glad I could be here for ya,” she giggled, turning the dryer back on, the roar of it almost drowning out Nathan’s next words… Almost.

“I want to marry you,”

he called over the roar.

The hair dryer was once again, quiet. “What?” Carrie whispered.

“I know you heard me,” Nathan replied, his voice low and serious. “Don’t panic. I’m not asking…yet.”

“Who’s panicking?” her voice quivered.  She wanted to spend forever with him.  If they were honest, they’d  known it, somehow, the day they had met. But, for the moment, things were perfect as they were. It seemed right to throw her whole heart in…and she had but cautiously.

As if he had read her mind, Nathan offered, “I’m not in any rush but it’s what I want. I thought you should know that.”

“Me too,’ she squeaked, her knees threatening to give way. ” What do you say on this one thing that we actually take our time?”

“You set the pace. I’ll follow.”

“Yeah, the last time you left me in charge, I put out after only knowing you 2 months.”

“And I forgive you for that,” he laughed, swatting at her bare behind.

An energy passed between them.

Something impossible to see but it was palpable nonetheless. Taking him by the hand, she quietly led him back to the bedroom. Her room also had an energy, something that owned them the second their feet hit the carpet. It was here that she’s first given herself to him and though she hoped she’d have the courage to be a little adventurous, this was going to be her favorite place to make love with him. Nathan gently nudged her back on the bed, and gripping her inner thighs he spread her beneath him, descending mouth first into her pulsing wetness. She offered her center up to him, rocking her body forward and backward, her moans demanding more.

This was what he had needed tonight. To come to her and affect her, to adore and lavish her body until she collapsed, and to quite literally, get lost inside her. The tell-tale thumping of her pulse on his tongue and her fingers tugging in his hair were his cues. She was close, once again, and as badly as he wanted to taste her, he needed to be filling her narrow body.

Her cries became hoarse, her arms outstretched grasped at air, silently begging. Once again, he entered her, his every inch consuming her every inch. In an instant, she shattered, squeezing his length. “I’m coming, Nay-thin!”

He buried deeper,

his forehead sweaty, aware of nothing but the slick feel of her insides and the raspy sounds of her breath, begging him. “Ah, me too sweet, baby!” Nathan hummed into her ear. “So good, baby. You feel so…”

Nathan’s phone rang early the following morning. They’d each fallen asleep, hard after their romp in the bathroom and encore in bed. He’d drifted off first, probably in the middle of a sentence, listening to her whispering. The sound of his phone jolted him awake, his stirring waking Carrie who smiled sleepily. “You’re going to marry me,” she mumbled, her face still dewy and pink with sleep.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he grinned, pressing his mouth to hers before reluctantly sliding from under the covers to grab his phone.

“Dorough,” he answered, all business, as he watched her roll to her side so that the blankets took the shape of her body. Not fair.

“Damn it. I’m on my way in anyway.,” he replied to the person on the other end of his call. “Yes, I’ll be in within the hour.”

“Everything alright?” Carrie asked, swinging her legs over the side of the bed and stretching.

“So, I am needed on Legacy’s friend’s case. I’ve tried to stay out of it but I don’t have a choice.  I can’t tell you what’s happening but it’s an emergency.  You really can’t ask me about it, okay?”

“I understand,” Carrie nodded.

This couldn’t be good and Legacy was going to be crazed. “Does this mean you’re working with Amy today?”

“It does. And it also means I can make sure that everything that happens in the case gets reported to the police so maybe Legacy can get some information that way.” Nathan offered.

“Okay,” she said, quietly.

“Hey?” he winked at her. “I’m gonna marry you.”

“I know,” she sighed, Amy, forgotten completely.

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