Episode 126

Episode 126 ~ I’m a big star!

The bookstore was buzzing. Literally. The crowd that had formed created a collective sound, not unlike a hive of bees. In the years that she did tag a long, Legacy had seen it dozens of times but it was still always a surprise. They were tucked away in a small break room that had been transformed into a green room of sorts. The store manager, Emily was rattling she was so excited. She was near their age and had apparently attended a WVU at the same time David had.

“Is there anything I can get you, Mr. Troy?” She asked with anticipation. David was sitting, hands folded between his knees, looking down on the floor not exactly meditating but clearly not listening to Emily’s question.

“David?” Legacy called quietly.

“Huh, What?” He popped his head up. “Sorry.”

“Can I get you or your girlfriend anything else?”

“Oh God, I’m not his girlfriend,” Legacy laugh loudly. “I mean, no. We are fine. Thank you”

“How many people would you say are out there?” David asked. His face was ashen.

Emily prattled not seeming to notice. “Well, we only have a capacity of 251, that’s according to the fire marshal but there’s also a line outside. Do you want me to get someone to count them?”

“Yes,” David said.

“No!,” Legacy insisted. Emily looked back and forth trying to figure out who to answer to. The publicist that had been hired by his publisher was somewhere in the store so it fell to Legacy.

“No,” Legacy shook her head again and then to David “There were 250 books sold And only the first 25 get pictures. Everyone else gets their book and gets out. You don’t have to sign anything but the books, right?” She looked back at Emily.

The publicist opened the door a crack, “Five minutes.” He informed them, “Need anything?”

“Nope,” David straightened up and checked his teeth in a mirror. “Do I look okay?”

Legacy reached to straighten his tie that was already straight but thought that the gesture would make him feel better. “You look as hot as always.” I’m going to take a peek.” She stuck her nose through the tiniest crack in the door. The scene was entirely different than the one she had seen at the book signing in New York. A line of blue and gold stretched around the Business section and snaked out the door, into the street. To get in line, a person and one guest had to be in possession of David’s book. With 250 books it was possible that the crowd, including those clustered outside amassed upwards of 500 people. Most of them had books in their hands and about a third of them wore WVU TROY jerseys or clutched some kind of memorabilia in hopes of getting it signed.

A man in a wheelchair rolled up alongside the line with a slender woman decked out in blue and gold down to the glitter on her sneakers and shoelaces.

“Hey!” Legacy whispered and waved. “Your parents are here.” Legacy let the door click behind her and ran up to greet Jack and Lydia Troy.

“Legacy!,” Lydia Troy squealed, wrapping her bony arms around her in a hug. “We didn’t know you were going to be here. Where is Carrie? Is she with David?”

“Nope, just me this time.”

“Oh really? “Jack asked, sounding amused.

“Yes really,” Legacy shook her head leaning down to hug David’s bear of a father. Jack Troy had been confined to a wheelchair since David had been in grade school. He was unable to walk, but good God, his biceps were the size of some people’s thighs.

“I’m glad to see you guys. David is stressing. Come say hi.”

“Like hell!” Jack protested.

Lydia cackled at the confused look on Legacy’s face. “Tradition,” she laughed. “We aren’t allowed to see him on game day. It makes him nervous.”

“Got it! Okay. Well, I’m going to go see if he’s ready. We’ll see you after.” Legacy promised. When she returned to the green room, she found an entirely different David or rather, the original David waiting to be called. He was smiling and calm, his regular magnetic self. How did he do that?

“Alright, here we go.,” he peeked around the corner, ignoring his parents, as was tradition and peered at the crowd. “Whoa, alright then. I hope they got me extra pens.”

The night moved rather swiftly and David was gracious enough to sign some non-book related items, drawing the line only at signing body parts. He was cheerful and greeted each person warmly, asked for their names, and thanked them each for coming. He was so good at this and Legacy hoped it wasn’t just an act that he’d decided to put on. It was the last on the book tour and she wanted him to have fun.

A guy with dark hair, an inch or two shorter than David was quickly approaching the table. He had a copy of the book in his hand and was slumped over reading, almost as if he was hiding. Legacy wouldn’t have noticed except he began letting people ahead of him as the line moved up. He made it almost to the end of the line when two girls in Troy jerseys and short jeans shorts refused, insisting that they wanted to be last in line. The man eventually relented, seeming satisfied to be second to last in line. When he finally approached the table, David was looking down, trying to retrieve a pen he’d dropped on the floor.”

“David Troy,” the man whispered in a creepy voice, “I’m your biggest fan. Will you sign my ass?”

David’s head snapped up and his publicist stepped forward until David laughed out loud. “Oh, not a chance am I signing that ugly ass. What the hell are you doing here?”

“I had to come see the famous David Troy… see if you were all full of yourself.”

“Of course I’m full of myself,” David smiled. “I’m a big star. Haven’t you heard? God, it’s good to see you!”

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