Episode 116 ~ Country Roads

“Hi,” David answered cautiously.  Ayla had tried calling him a few times and though they had talked he’d managed to keep the conversations short. He was driving a rental car from the Pittsburgh airport to the last stop on his book tour. He’d had drivers on every stop except for this one and had purposely arranged to end the tour in Morgantown, West Virginia, home of the Mountaineers. His time at WVU had shaped him or rather reshaped him, as was the case. Scouts had to come looking for him during his junior year of high school, which had given him the extra shove he’d needed to keep his grades up, stay in shape, and avoid doing any stupid shit like climbing water towers to drink beers like his friends did. All he needed was an arrest or a twisted ankle and his NFL dreams were gone.   He had made it to the NFL and though his stint with the San Diego Chargers had been short…very short, it had set off a chain reaction that lead him right to where he was now, successful and with a lot more money than he or anyone he’d grown up with had ever dared to dream of growing up in “Shittown” , as they’d affectionately named the trailer park where he’d grown up.  It seemed very fitting now,  to give credit where it was due.

“Where are you right now?” Ayla asked, trying hard to make chitchat instead of sounding like she was keeping tabs.

“I’m about 5 miles from I-79,” he answered cheerfully. “maybe 40 minutes away.”

“Oh.” She replied quickly. She was quiet for a stretch and then finally asked what she really wanted to know. “Are you going to go home while you’re there?”

David laughed nervously. “There’s no reason I should.”

There wasn’t. He’d moved his parents out of the trailer park years ago and the only two people he might want to see definitely didn’t want want to see him.

“You’re not just a little curious?” Ayla asked stiffly.

“Maybe,” David admitted, “but she’s married now and they don’t want to see me.”

“But you still love her.”

“Who says?”


“Well, Carrie has a big mouth.,” He snapped. “Can we talk about something else?”

“Okay,” Ayla relented. Only she didn’t know what else to talk about. She knew that David would be driving right through his old hometown, a place he never talked about and not only because he had left someone behind. She was jealous and he been distant after the talk at the airport. “I wish I hadn’t said what I did…”

“Hang on,” David interrupted. “Getting a call.” He quickly glanced at the caller ID and saw that Legacy was calling. It was unusual for her to call this time of the night but she’d leave a message and he call her as soon as he finished with Ayla.

“Do you have to go?” Ayla asked, sounding sad.

“No, it’s Legacy. I’ll call her in a bit. And I’m not a bit sorry you said what you did. I know things are weird right now we are going to be okay.”

His phone beeped again. “Hang on its Legacy… again.,” David sighed. “Don’t go anywhere. Let me see what she wants.”

He switched calls only to get a tearful and shrinking earful from Legacy. She was in trouble and Carrie was not answering her phone.

Ayla hung on for much longer than she knew she should. But, after 10 minutes and with her feelings hurt, she hung up and went to bed.

Ayla, temporarily forgotten David calmed Legacy down and then hung up to make a few calls on her behalf. The first was to Jennifer Martinez, their lawyer who by now was getting very used to his calls. The second call, and the third, and the fourth were to Carrie. Why the hell wasn’t she answering her phone?

Author’s Note:  So, I know this is short..BUT, I’m testing out posting several short “episodes” a week so I don’t have to keep everyone waiting.  I’ll be able to get another one out by Thursday and perhaps even 2 more over the weekend doing it this way.  I look forward to your feedback over the next few posts to see if this is working.

Also, I’m giving the Kate Spade bag away on Instagram in 5 days.  All you have to do is go Follow newwithtagstv on Instagram and comment on any post.  Bonus entry for tagging a friend in a comment.




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  1. Amy Griffith says:

    David has a past!


  2. They all do ;). Tying up some other storylines but we will get to all of them!!!


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