Episode 115 ~ Something New

“Show me something new,” Carrie blushed.

They were fresh from a hot shower, their skin still red, the hallway filled with steam. He followed her into her room, where she dropped her towel and then yanked his from his waist, leaving them both warm and naked.

“I thought this,” he said, winking as he laced his arms around her waist, “was new. Are you bored already?”

Instead of answering, she curled her body up into his, nuzzling his neck with the top of her head. He kissed a spot of wet hair and turned her face to his with a grin. Nathan took Carrie’s hands and guided her slowly to the bed pulling her to his lap. He scooped her under one knee, pulling her center flush with his.

“Nathan,” she whispered, “I don’t know how.”

He nodded slowly, a devilish look in his eyes. “I’ve seen you dance. I know you know how. Just kiss me.”

She obeyed, straddling his body, twisting her fingers through his hair. Hungry…so hungry for him. One day away from him in the real world, and she craved this. What was this? I wasn’t the sex or at least not just the sex. It was how he looked at her, how it felt like they belonged, more than they had before, to each other. She lowered herself onto him, accepting his full-length and crying out, the sheer bliss owning her body.

“Is that right?” she asked, breathless, rising and falling, rocking her hips and digging her center hard against him. “Am I doing it right?”

Nathan gripped her thigh, grinding her in time with the rhythm she’d chosen. His other hand took a thick lock of her hair that had fallen in front of her eyes, smoothing it back and caressing her cheek.

“So, right. Yes,” he gulped, his eyes dreamy. “Does it feel right?”

“So good,” Carrie whimpered, nearly out of breath. She had more stamina than most but this was an entirely different set of movements. Her thighs burned but she didn’t quit. She was so close and it felt so unreal that she worked through the exhaustion. She was sure at the moment, she could have chewed through steel if she’d need to. Nathan dug his fingertips into her flesh, latching onto her, thrusting her forward.

She was dazzling. “You are so sexy right now.” he breathed.

“I am?” she slowed, suddenly very aware of how she looked and the fervor with which she’d attacked him.

“Oh, baby, don’t stop,” Nathan begged. “Please…oh please. I love you so much.” He reclined back to the bed, watching her lithe but powerful body take what it needed. What it needed; what she needed was him. His heart, his body, his devotion. It was all hers.

The question from earlier that evening rang in his mind. “Do you want to marry her?” God, yes! She wanted something new and Nathan wanted, for the rest of his life to show her new, every day of her life. He wanted to keep coming up with more and more reasons for her to love him. The words, “Marry me,” nearly escaped him when she threw herself against him, pressing her breasts to his chest, heaving and twisting the sheets in tight fists.

Her forehead sweaty, her breath short and rapid, the telltale twitches started climbing her body leaving her skin prickling.

“I love you,” Carrie whispered, barely audible and then, with his eyes searching hers, she screamed, the most intense orgasm wracking her from the inside. It was different than the ones before, powerful, consuming, almost violent and she clung to him, desperate for an anchor.

Nathan held Carrie so tightly around her rib cage, whispering into her hair. “I’ve got you. You’re okay. I’ve got you, baby.”

Panting, she collapsed fully into him, unable to move. She shook, little aftershocks assaulting her muscles involuntarily. Still, Nathan whispered softly, his voice soothing her and bringing her back down. He sat up, wrapping her legs around him, cradling her for a moment before drawing his knees underneath himself and laying her, upside down on the bed, and then sliding slowly back inside her.

He made love to her, soft and slow, bringing her once more to a quiet peak, his own orgasm unrestrained and completely consuming.

“Please, answer,” Legacy mumbled to herself. It was the third time she’d tried to call with no luck. She’d told herself Carrie was in the shower and then maybe her ringer was off. She was most likely getting it on with Nate and usually that would have interested Legacy immensely. At this point, she hoped that Carrie and Nate were doing it, because if they weren’t, that meant that Carrie was flat out ignoring her calls and she needed her, badly.

Legacy had never been arrested, not for anything, and though she wasn’t quite under arrest right now, it sure felt that way. The police station was remarkably like it looked on TV only without the good cop, bad cop routine. Both officers had asked her a couple of very vague questions before finally showing her a picture of Amanda or a person that could very well be Amanda except her face was completely bashed in and it looked like she may have lost an eye. She didn’t want to knows so she didn’t ask. She’d thrown up in a garbage can and they’d eased off a little, bringing her a Coke and actually apologizing. She wasn’t being “booked” but they didn’t seem to be in a rush to let her leave either. They had questions and Legacy, not knowing what she was supposed to do and hoping it didn’t make her look guilty, opted not to talk without a lawyer.

She didn’t have a lawyer but Carrie did. David was on a flight back from his book tour so he’d gone right to voicemail. She’d left him a frantic message, which she now regretted, but someone had to come to her rescue.

Authors Note:  So I know this one is shorter than usual.  I’m trying this new thing to try and get more posts out to you.  I get so overwhelmed trying to put out these long posts when I could be getting several shorter posts out every few days.  It’s an experiment I’m trying 🙂

Also, if you follow me at all on social media (blatant hint!!!) go check out the current challenge.  Every month until I hit my goal and probably beyond, I am documenting my “Becoming Carrie” project.  No, I haven’t gone crazy and I’m not actually becoming someone else, but I am preparing to play Carrie in the series when we begin filming it.  There are still a lot of details needed to make it happen, so I apologize for teasing so much, but this will happen!  For October, I’m implementing a Salad Challenge, where we (you guessed it) eat salad.  Pretty easy, right.  But, I’ve also put together a plan to follow and I’m going to share it with everyone a step at a time so it’s really easy to implement.

All you have to do is watch my Instagram Stories and Instagram Live streams, which are available for 24 hours after they are over, but it would be wicked cool to have some live chats with you.

Sunday nights will be devoted to the Challenges and Thursdays we’ll talk New With Tags trivia so send me questions if you have them!!  Oh, yeah!  And I’m dying to give the Kate Spade bag away.  Go comment on any post on Instagram so I can pick you!!!







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