New post soon…I swear and a new idea brewing…

I promise a new post in the next day or two.  I keep thinking I’ll be able to finish this next one but this week has been nuts.  Hoping for tomorrow but at the very latest, I promise one (or two) over the weekend.

This brings me to the idea that I’ve got brewing.  So, I do check in everyday to look at the stats and see what posts are being read and I can tell by the numbers when people are getting really impatient for a new posts.  I’ll have thousands of people visiting and leaving after a few seconds, and coming back 3 or 4 times in one day.  This tells me that they are regular readers who are all caught up and who are “just checking in” to see if there is anything new.  Writing this story in long form as opposed to script format is hard!!!  I love doing it but to do it well, it occasionally takes longer than I’d like.  But I would like to keep giving you all new and fun content.  So here’s my idea (drum roll).  If you hate the idea, it’s totally cool.  LMK.

If you’ve been keeping up on NWT for awhile, you know that it’s already a screenplay that I’ve been expanding into a novel of sorts in the blog.  We ARE going to make this into a series as soon as we complete the few projects that are in front of it.  And (and this is a vulnerable moment for me) in the series, I have always planned to play Carrie.  There is preparation for every role an actor has to play.  Think Chris Hemsworth getting ready to play Thor or Gal Gadot shredding to portray Wonder Woman.  Thats what I’m up against and instead of pretending that I’ve got my shit together and the perfect set of abs to go with it, I want to document the journey in video and pictures.

A lot of you have been keeping up with this story from the very beginning and I plan to keep delivering the story as consistently as I can.  Think of this new stuff like the behind the scenes bonus content.  It will give me an easier way to connect more often and perhaps we can encourage each other from time to time too.

I always love hearing from you and I answer all email so feel free to send me your thoughts or comment here.  I love and appreciate all of you.  It’s sometimes a really heady experience, realizing that I’ve got a growing set of loyal fans that actually like what I create.

In the next posts, more on the Daniel and daughter drama, Legacy finally gets to confront Amanda, David has some hard decisions to make, Nathan and Amy deal with a devastating crisis, and Carrie, well, she’s in the middle of it all. And, while we all want Nathan and Carrie to have their happily ever after, no great love story is without its obstacles…  I hope you’ll stick around πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    I hope the devastating crisis isn’t with the little girl! I’m totally blanking on her name. Love this blog! Thanks for all the time and attention you put in.


  2. Her name is Lauren and you’re awesome for remember that much. I’ll write as fast as I can! Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment.


  3. Amy Griffith says:

    I am embarrassingly happy that this will be made into a series and would love to see you as Carrie. I would keep coming back for all the behind the scenes extras you’re talking about. Might even be inclined to follow along myself with your transformation! It’s good motivation to go through that with others!


  4. See, that’s what I’m hoping for!!! It could be fun to do some stuff together. I’m getting s new story post out first but then I may put the first video out this weekend too.


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