Small Steps to Big Results: Fitness Challenge

small steps to big results fitness challenge #fitnesschallenge

Vulnerability alert:

Three months post op from a total hysterectomy, necessary to save my life, and I’m finding myself very grateful for some lessons that would never have happened otherwise.  I’m beginning a Free Small Steps to Big Results: Fitness Challenge here ==> JOIN ME because when life brings you through something, I think there is a responsibility to share it.  If one other person listens and is helped in the process, it’s 100% worth it. 

Not a lot of people know this, but before I was in the film industry, I majored in Exercise Physiology and worked for a chain of women’s gyms.  Hence, the basis for Carrie’s character.  Fitness & Film are my two loves but fitness over the last few years has been harder to connect with due to my less than excellent health.  That has all literally changed in the last couple of weeks and luckily, it’s given me a fresh perspective that is pretty easy for someone else to duplicate.

We have lots of reasons to want to get in and stay in shape.  All of these reasons are good ones. 

BUT, tell me if these seem familiar: 

  • It’s New Year’s
  • Your high school reunion is coming up
  • Vacation / bathing suit season is almost here, oh, crap it’s here
  • You’re in a wedding
  • You got a good glimpse in the mirror and , how did I let this happen?

And suddenly, you’re in the car bound for Target, where you load the cart with new workout clothes, a set of weights, all the things with Keto on the label, a workout DVD…and don’t forget the overpriced (but I love mine) stainless steel water bottle.  This feels productive until 3 days later when Jillian Michael’s (who clearly wants you dead) has you so sore you’re crawling everywhere and what the hell is Keto anyway…  You bit off more than you could chew and choked on it.

We can’t create new habits with this all or nothing approach.  Not that I haven’t tried.  The reason new habits are hard to establish is because the beginning stages are so hard.  We subconsciously think that it will always feel that hard and wind up quitting.  Cycling through this a couple of times we get the message that we aren’t any good at it or worse, not deserving. 

So, here’s the lesson I learned, not the hard way but the long way:

Baby steps are key!  After my surgery, I was ordered not only to rest but not to lift A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!  For several weeks it was nothing more than 5 pounds.  And then it was 10 pounds.  Doesn’t sound hard but that meant not carrying groceries or driving and hitting the breaks.  No moving furniture on a whim or grabbing a pot from the bottom shelf.  There’s nothing like telling me not to do something that makes me want to do it.  This went on for 9 weeks and when it was finally time to get back to working out, something I hadn’t been able to do with any regularity for more than a year, my stamina was shot. 

But, for once in my life, I accepted this as where I was at the time.   

I looked at my program, not as a means of getting into a smaller pair of jeans but as rehab. I have a 30-minute workout that I follow every day and told myself that first week that if I made it 10 minutes, that was success.  Anything above 10 minutes was a bonus.  Instead of taking on too much, I gave myself the permission to be in this place.

I actually ended up doing the full 30 minutes with a few breaks and following the modifier.  Also, sometimes modifying the modifier.  But I was moving and that was a new sensation.  I took the baby steps because baby steps were all I had.   Quite literally, I was giving everything I had, and it wasn’t much.   Three weeks later, I started the workouts over again and got to really see how much I’d improved.  Six weeks later, I’ve graduated to the Extreme version of the same workouts.  I’m still totally modifying several of the moves.  I won’t be doing a plank to its full expression for awhile longer.  But I sweat my ass off and I’m seeing definition that I haven’t seen in longer than I care to say.

It may sound like I’m bragging and that’s because I totally am.  I’m a badass! 

I’d forgotten that little fact.  But here’s the thing…if I’d pulled a Jenifer (me) by taking on too much, I knew I’d hurt myself and my recovery, so I chilled TF out and took my time.  The result of taking it slow?  I got there faster. 

This is the basis for the Fitness Challenge I’m hosting here ==> JOIN ME

It’s designed less for physical results and much more on the premise of creating a lifelong habit.  Each day gets just a tiny bit more challenging but only slightly so that it’s barely noticeable.  It’s easy on your time, easy on your joints, easy on your brain.  Oh, and there’s some built in accountability, giveaways, and by request, a rewards system to keep us going. 

=====> JOIN ME HERE <=====


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