Episode 145

Carrie sat on the floor of her shower, lamenting that despite the poshness of her apartment, she didn’t have a tub. Legacy sat on the floor, sprawled on the plush rug, down an Instagram hole relaying her encounter with Officer Hemsworth… uh, Smith.

“By the way,” Carrie mentioned casually, “I owe you one for convincing me to wax. Best idea ever. Please continue.” She spread a thick glop of sugar scrub on one leg and went to town as Legacy filled her in.

“I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how they do it. Cops, I mean. They have all this incomplete information and dead ends and they just expect me to drop it.”

“It’s just so creepy that they had you followed.”

He had me followed. Mike Smith is his name. Talk about basic.” Legacy rolled her eyes in disgust.

“I don’t know. You seem pretty intent on repeating his oh so basic name over and over again. I think you like him.”

“Yuck. Not even. Okay, he was hot. God, Carrie… I’m not kidding when I tell you he looks like Chris or Liam’s slightly older brother. No accent though and more sun damage. Still…”

“Uh huh, see?

“Not dating a cop.”

“Someone’s a snob.”

“No, I just mean you can’t choose who you love but you can choose who to stay away from so you don’t. And I have no intention of being remotely interested in someone with a dangerous job.”

“So you’ve thought this through then?”

“I guess.”

“But you’re not interested?”

“Definitely not,” Legacy laughed. Carrie knew her so well. Sometimes it was very inconvenient.

“So, what now?”

“They just thanked me for my help and told me the best thing I can do is to leave it up to them. They’ll meet with Amanda’s parents. Who knows, they probably already have. They’ll clue them into everything and when my name comes up, they’ll only say what’s relevant to her case, which is basically nothing. She will probably die without ever waking up and her poor parents, who don’t deserve any of this will get no answers. Not that I have answers anyway.”

“I’m sorry, Legacy. This is shitty. Hey, hand me a second clip for my hair. This one is falling out.”

“You’re sure going to a lot of head to toe trouble for a simple blow job.” Legacy said, struggling to get up and retrieve another hair clip from the basket on the counter.

“How do you say it so casually? Also, you are the one who taught me the head to toe treatment. I’ll probably chicken out anyway but I can at least bring it up.”

“I bet a lot will come up!” Legacy giggled.

“You’re changing the subject. What about Howard, your jeweler friend.”

“No idea. He’s supposedly a part of this somehow, which I’m finding hard to believe. I’ve known him since I was in school. But I guess not so well.”

“And you have no idea how or why he stabbed you in the back?”

“I don’t even know that he did, Carrie. They either legitimately don’t know anything or they just won’t tell me. I have to let this go.”

“What happens to the Halstead wedding now?”

“I don’t know. That’s not really my problem now either is it?”

“No, but there is an opportunity here. Morbid, kinda but someone has to finish it and if her parents think you’re friends and partners then you could just slip in there and finish the job.”

“You know what a horrible idea that is?”


“Because someone tried to kill her! I don’t want anywhere near her or the Halstead’s for that matter. It’s dangerous and honestly, it really surprises me that you are the one who thought of it. That’s some reckless bullshit I’d pull but not you.”

“I just want you to have what you deserve… what you worked for.”

“The money is gone anyway, Carrie. Thanks for the thought but there are no materials to work with and no budget to replace them. The best thing is to let this die. Amanda is in a coma and no one will blame her for not meeting a deadline.”

“I’d give you the money if you wanted,” Carrie said softly. It was a stupid idea, she knew it.

“You would, wouldn’t you?” Legacy sniffled, grateful. “I wish you weren’t all naked and slippery right now. I’d come in there and hug you.”

“Yeah, don’t. There’s coconut oil everywhere. You’d slip and fall and break your neck. We’d both end up dead and Nathan would come home to find us very dead and looking kinda gay.”

“Yes, that’s going to be our band name. Hello Milwaukee, we are Very Dead and Kinda Gay.,” Legacy said, dryly. “Wait, did you just say Nathan would come home?”

“I don’t know.,” Carrie lied.

“You said Nathan would come home!”

“Did not!,” Carrie squealed.

“Ya kinda did.”

“Fine, if I admit that I may have slipped and said something resembling the thing you are accusing me of saying, then you have to say you think Officer Basic is a hottie and that you’ll let me help you get the Halstead project back.”

“It’s Detective Basic and forget it. Unless…”

“I’m listening…”

“In the event they catch the guy who attacked her then I’ll think about it and yes, Detective Smith is very fine and I’m very not going to go there.”

Nathan walked into the apartment and in a loud, and very bad Ricky Ricardo impression he called out, “Honey, I’m home!”

Legacy mouthed the word “home” as Carrie emerged from the shower, slipping on her tiny bathrobe.

Both girls emerged from the bathroom to find a smiling Nate putting a bunch of pale yellow tulips in a vase.

“Hi,” Carrie cooed, sliding up beside him and offering up her mouth for a soft kiss. “These are pretty. What’s the occasion?”

“None. I just walked by them on my way and they were the perfect shade of buttercream and they followed me home.” he smiled, his eyes glittering, clearly pleased with himself. “Hi, Legacy.”

Leaning over Carrie’s shoulder, he kissed the back of her neck and playfully peeked into the V of her robe allowing his eyes to linger briefly before following the curve of her neck up to meet her eyes.

Without peeling her gaze away, Carrie addressed Legacy. “You know that problem of yours that we were talking about?”

“Yeah.” Legacy snorted.

“We’re done. Love you. Get out.”

“Don’t run off too fast.,” Nate insisted. “I need a shower.” he looked toward Legacy. “Then get out.” He took a second peek into Carrie’s robe, wiggled his eyebrows and headed in the direction of the bathroom.

“You’re in a good mood,” Carrie giggled.

“I had a good day,” he quipped, heading toward the shower. “Feel free to not get dressed.”

“Okay!,” she promised and called into the bathroom . “Hey, be careful in the shower.”

He poked his head back around the corner. “Why? Is there a clown in there?” he teased.

“No, I did a sugar scrub and I just got out. It’s still slippery.”

“Sounds fun.” he lobbed playfully, nodding in the direction of the bathroom, hinting more obviously than he realized that she should follow him.

“Bye,” Legacy laughed, catching a glimpse of the yellow tulips in the corner of her eye before letting herself out. Carrie’s giggles were loud enough to hear through the shut door.

Accidentally, Legacy wondered to herself if Detective Mike Smith was the flower bringing type. Damn it!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m feeling great and very busy (like everyone). This story is in my head 24/7. Getting time to write it down is the challenge. I promise more this month. Probably over the weekend. It means the world that you took the time to comment. Thank you.

    1. Oh Yay!!! You have no idea how happy this makes me! Thank for taking the time to leave a comment. I’ve got more coming over the weekend.

  1. Hallelujah, girl! I missed you! And I love this teaser. I don’t know how you keep us connected to them SO WELL. I love all your characters. I’m dying to see someone crack Legacy’s shell!

    1. OMG! Your comments are life! Thanks for being here no matter how long I’m gone. I promise at least one more post this weekend!

    1. I’m just seeing this!!! Things are crazy but I’m doing well. Physically healing and just juggling life. I’m really hoping to have some time over the holidays to write some more. Thank you so much for checking in. How are you?

  2. My boss’s husband is in surgery right now receiving a double lung transplant. It reminded me of Nathan and Carrie and I just wanted to say hi and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Oh, I really hope his surgery went well. Yes, Nate is based on real life heroes. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. I do hope to find time over the holidays to write some more. It means the world that you still check in from time to time. Nathan, Carrie, and the rest of us appreciate it…LOL. I’ll be thinking of your friend and praying for a speedy recovery.

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