Episode 144

“Keep it going,” Daniel mumbled under his breath. He had a look in his eyes that was nearly deranged and trying to hold it in for his daughter’s sake wasn’t going to do him much good. “I don’t know what to do,” he whispered.

“Yay!,” Amy cheered. “How about a bar of soap?”

“Can’t. My mama’s in the shower.” Adelina replied.

“Oh, right. We’ll do that one later.” Amy fumbled. This game had to be over before Daniel’s wife got out of the shower and caught them. All she wanted was the hotel’s name. “Is there a little sign hanging on your doorknob?”

“I go check,” the little girl chirped.

Slipping off the bed and running away. Amy heard her sweet voice singing, “I got it, I got it” just before returning to the phone and brandishing it for Amy.

There on the Do Not Disturb sign was a logo of what were obviously two bodies of water with a lodge in the middle of them and the words Double Lake Hotel. Sounded live a real dive.

“Hey, Adelina, I’m going to let you talk to your Papa for a little longer. I have to go back to work. Maybe we can play again another time?”

“Okay! You’re nice!” Adelina beamed.

Amy took the number from the hotel menu and the name of the hotel that she’d quickly written on a post-it note and walked out of the Resident’s Lounge and into the hall. She caught Daniel’s panicked look as she slipped out the door and gave him a small reassuring smile.

She returned a few minutes later having made a quick call to the restaurant and jotting down an address. They were in Carol City. Not the safest of places in Miami for them to be and pretty unlikely that they were there for anything good. Either way, she’d snuck Adelina into the country and thought she’d be able to keep it a secret from her father.

“Time to say bye-bye to Papa, Beba,” Daniel heard Juljana sing from the other side of the room.

“Jules?” Daniel yelled. Amy glared at him from over the iPad. Shaking her head.

He visibly took a slow breath the center himself.

“Yes, Daniel. You do not have to yell. I can hear you.” His wife appeared on the screen.

“I was just going to ask what you’re doing tomorrow. Tomorrow is my day off and I’d like to talk to her some more. This was such a short call.”

“We have so much to do, I don’t know.”

Don’t tip her off. “When do you return home?”

“Not for a few more days. Tarik has,” she paused as if she were searching for a word, “interviews.”

“Yeah, you said.,” Daniel played along. “Where did you say you were?”

Um… Meaux,” she replied, her voice silky.

“Well. I’d like to send you a little extra money tomorrow. I don’t like you traveling with her without a little emergency money. and I want to call her again around noon my time. Speaking of which, it’s nearly 10 PM your time. She should be getting to bed so I’ll let you go.” He didn’t mention the fact that he could clearly see that it was daylight in their dingy little room.

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