Episode 138

David and Carrie continue to clear the air. Read now!

“You know what I wish?” David continued without waiting for her response. “I wish that it was just you and me. Not forever. Just like a day, you know. No Nate, no Lindsay, not even Ayla or Legacy, no lawsuits, no getting fired. Just us like we were at 20 when stuff was less complicated.”

“Count me out.” Carrie shook her head.


“A couple of months ago I’d have been all for it. All I wanted was to go back, to be young and on the cover of a magazine, with pictures of my butt trending on the internet. I know we’ve had some crappy luck lately but things, when we were kids, weren’t easier. At least we didn’t think so then. We’ve overcome everything that’s happened to us. We got sued and walked away, getting cut from the magazine didn’t have the horrible impact we thought it would. Lindsay…well…”

“Lindsay didn’t happen to us. I did that.”

“I’m sorry but I think you were manipulated by Lindsay. You were fool enough to fall for it but she’s far from innocent. She got what she deserved.”

“I disagree but that’s for me to handle.”

“I know you told me to stay out of it but this sticking your head in the sand thing isn’t going to pan out well. She’ll resurface and want more. You can’t just pay her off and hope she’ll go away.”

“That’s what she wanted.”

“Yeah, that’s blackmail and it makes you look guilty AF.”

“I am.” David laughed, the alcohol beginning to take effect.

“How did all of that happen anyway? I never wanted to ask before.” Carrie asked.

“I was always in and out of your place and we just kept crossing paths. She was there one night when you and I were having an argument and she heard everything. She knew all of our personal business and it came up one day in conversation.”

“It just came up?” Carrie asked, suspiciously. “What, that I wouldn’t put out?”

“No. I was at your place cooking dinner, waiting on you and put some music on. I didn’t even know she was there. She came into the kitchen making some comment about how the song that was on always made her want to have sex. I ignored it but she kept it up and I let her because I liked it.”

“And then you just did it? I don’t understand how casual sex works.”

“Carrie, please.”

“I’m serious. I really want to know how people do this. It was such a big decision for me. I’m not judging anything I just have always wanted to know how two people can go from ‘Hi, hello to ya wanna fuck’ so quickly. This is curiosity. I really have no emotions about this.” She made a cross across her heart as she said it.

“No, we didn’t just do it. But I started going over there when I thought she’d be there. She text a dirty joke to me one night and then pretended she’d meant it for someone else. We text back and forth for an hour or so that night. After that, I think I was the one who encouraged it, not by anything I said but I didn’t do anything to avoid it or ask her to stop. I was so starved for some touch and I told myself it was harmless. I wasn’t going to actually let anything happen. One day I was there just working instead of at my place and she came in. You and I were in the throws of the lawsuit and I was stressed as hell.

I was on the couch and she came around and started rubbing my shoulders.

Maybe I flinched or jumped because she teased me to just relax. I don’t know how long that went on but before long, she came around the couch and stood in front of me and took off her shirt and then her jeans and then everything else. She said, ‘I know you need this and you know I want this.’ I don’t exactly remember making the decision after that. The next thing I can tell you is that I had her pinned to the wall and she was begging me for more. I have never felt that wanted. It was fun with her while it lasted and I actually liked talking to her. But it wasn’t worth hurting you over and it wasn’t worth losing what I lost.”

Carrie pondered it for a second. “Call her.”

“What for?”

“You said you like her.”

“I like how I felt with her. I used her, Carrie. This can’t be spin it any other way.”

“She used you too.”

“That’s also true but it doesn’t matter. Thank you for trying to make me the good guy but I’m not. Lindsay and I were both in the wrong.”

“Then you and Lindsay can both take equal responsibility for what happened. Call her and get a meeting and we will ask her what she needs to make it right.”

David reached for his phone and Carrie quickly grabbed his arm. “Not now. I think we’re kinda drunk.”

“Yeah, I’m… oh, I am drunk. Hah ha!” he whispered.

“You deserve someone too you know? she hummed, the wine beginning to go to her head.

“There’s always your sister?” David laughed and then was instantly sorry. “Yuck, I didn’t mean that sorry.”

“Don’t be. Have you talked to her?”

“Uh, I owe her a phone call. I was on the phone with her when Legacy’s crisis kinda took over.”

“How did she seem?”

“You mean is she still in love with me?” David cringed.

“Why do you do that. What’s wrong with my sister?”

“Nothing. I adore her. Why don’t you think it’s weird?”

“I don’t know. Cuz I can see it I guess. Not now maybe but someday.”

“Yeah well, not to be impatient but I’d sort of like someone now…ish. Even if it is just for now.”

“Understood. It’s too bad you’re ugly, what with your hideous jawline and perfect teeth. Don’t get me started on those pecs, those are just gross.”

He flexed his pecs at her biting his bottom lip. “What, you don’t like these?”

“Stop. Yuck,” Carrie whined.

David raised his glass. “Alright, let’s toast.”

“To what?”

“I don’t know. There’s gotta be something.” he put his head down on the table and then popped it right back up. “I’ve got it. Hey, pick up your glass, Care.”


“To… my best buddy Nate… aaaand to the fact that I now live in a world where Caroline Davison has a seen a grown man naked.”

“I’ll drink to that,” she said sleepily.

“To Dr. Longschlong.”

“That’s more or less accurate.”

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    1. They’re definitely getting there. There is way too much history and friendship between them not to work through their crap. Also, in case I haven’t said it recently, I really appreciate you reading and always commenting 💕💕💕

    1. Me too! I really is in the works. Finding funding is always the hard part. We are working on a few things now that already have funding. I would like to create the pilot this year. I know the actors I want! Thinking of creating a “street team” of people who will share and help create buzz so that the story can attract some brands. Brands=Money and Money=Production. I promise I’m working on it!!!!

  1. I just re-read this post. Is Lindsay going to make a re-entry to the scene?? I was secretly hoping David and Legacy might hook up. But that would be incredibly weird, wouldn’t it?

    1. Yes, Lindsay is not done causing trouble. She will be back and so will I. I had a hysterectomy last week to solve all of my health troubles. Hopefully a lot more writing in my future now that I’m actually healing. Also, Legacy and David could be kind of good together but neither of them is ready for something real and a hook up would make stuff weird. I’ve got someone planned for each of them. You’ll love who they end up with.

      1. Oh my, how are you doing? I fear I’ll head in that direction for the same issues one of these days. Truly hoping that you will have a quickly recovery and will no longer have issues. Be well, friend! Take good care of yourself. 🙂

      2. Oh, sweetie. That’s nothing to sneeze at. I sincerely hopes this helps alleviate the discomfort and problems you’ve been dealing with. Hugs to you! mum

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