Episode 137

Legacy is at the police station again and ends up with an eyeful. Read now!

Legacy sat in the police station inside a quiet room, waiting on Officer Diaz. Her palms were sweating but she kept telling herself that if she had nothing to hide she didn’t need to be nervous.

“Ms. Price?,” Officer Diaz said, quizzically as she entered the room. “I’m surprised to see you here.”

“You said if I thought of anything helpful I should let you know.”

“It wasn’t necessary for you to come down here. You could have called but now that you’re here, let’s talk. You say you remembered something?” The pretty officer raised her eyebrows.

“Not remembered, exactly and I’m not sure anyway if this is at all helpful but…” Legacy blew a slow breath out trying to steady herself.

Officer Diaz sat and put a hand on her shoulder. “You’d be surprised at how the smallest piece of information could be useful. I’m grateful for whatever you can tell me.”

Legacy’s hand shook. “Thanks for being so nice. I’m still freaking out that you think I had something to do with this but I keep telling myself that I don’t have to worry since I didn’t.”

“Okay, I’m going to level with you, Officer Diaz spoke slowly.

We never thought you had anything to do with this. The condition of her apartment makes it clear that there is something much bigger going on. You are one of the last people, that we know of, to speak to her. You may know something, even if you don’t know it.”

Legacy dove in. “So this thing has gotten weird. My best friend, the blond that was here with me the other day?”

Officer Diaz nodded.

“Her boyfriend is a doctor at Trinity… a surgeon and he got called in today on Amanda’s heart surgery.”

“He shouldn’t have told you that…” Officer Diaz began.

“No, it’s okay. He told me I could tell you all of this. Amanda’s parents called the hospital and they think that she and I are the best of friends. They specifically told him to call me.”

“I see.”

“Doesn’t that seem weird? Also, she’s been saying ‘Richard’ like in her sleep.”

“Are you referring to Richard Hamblin?”

“I don’t know his last name but she mentioned a Richard to me once. He was supposedly an investor in her company or something.

“Richard Hamblin presents himself as a venture capitalist but he’s little more than a loan shark. We are pretty sure that Amanda owes him money and this attack was his answer to some late payments.”

“That makes sense, I guess, but she should have had plenty of money from the Halstead job she stole from me.”

“That may be why she stole the job but the money they paid in down payments probably barely scratched the surface. We have reason to believe he skipped out with all of the deposit money leaving Amanda with no working capital. Her bank accounts are empty and her one credit card is maxed out and very overdue.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.

If she owed him money, the Halstead job would have made her a lot of money, right?”

“Perhaps but it may be that it was too high profile for him and it was smarter to cut losses and eliminate Amanda all together before he was caught and put his other ventures at risk.”

“Eliminate? You mean kill her?”


“Officer Diaz, I didn’t mean to get mixed up in this. Her parents are on their way here and they’re going to ask me all kind of things. How do I tell them that their daughter is a thief and a liar when she’s probably going to die?”

“My suggestion is that you don’t tell them anything.”

“But they are going to be wondering where I am and asking questions that I can’t answer. Amanda and I are not friends. We’re not even friendly. I feel bad for them but I can’t lie to them. Not because I don’t want to. But I won’t be able stick to Amanda’s story. I don’t know what they think they know. And if they find out I’m lying, then …”

A hard knock on the door interrupted Legacy’s rant. A plain clothes officer, with a Hemsworthiness to him poked his head in the door. Legacy heard her own breath stick in her throat at the sight of him. “Sorry,” he quipped, only acknowledging her momentarily and then turning his attention to Officer Diaz. “There’s something you need to see.”

The two officers locked eyes with a quiet understanding. Officer Diaz nodded and excused herself, leaving Legacy alone to catch her breath. She waited for a few minutes and decided to collect her things and leave. She’d come in on her own accord and had given them whatever information she thought she had. She slipped her Tom Ford sunglasses on and rose to leave when the same knock from before rapped from the outside, causing her to jump. “Uh… come in?”

“Ms. Price?” Officer Eye-candy began.

“Uh huh…” Legacy stammered. God, she was usually better at this. Amanda’s life hung by a thread and here she was, making it weird. Sure, his button down fit tight across the shoulders threatening to split the cotton-poly blend and though the sleeves were long, he had them rolled up just enough to know that while the face was reminiscent of a Hemsworth, the body had a little Mario Lopez going on. Get your shit together, she thought.

‘Ms. Price,” he continued. “I thought I’d pop in and introduce myself.”

“Okay?” she drawled, now suspicious with a side of hell yeah. “Why?”

“I’m Detective Mike Smith. You don’t know me but I know you and if you’ll give me a few minutes of your time, I’ll explain.”

This couldn’t be good. And if it was bad, then why was there a little damp spot forming in her leggings?

8 thoughts on “Episode 137

  1. Not a super fan of this story line. It’s not believable and it’s not even that exciting. This little part made it worse. Hope it’s over soon because I love the rest of this blog.

      1. Sorry you didn’t like it. I’m the same way with shows I watch. Some storylines I love and some I could do without. Thanks for reading!

  2. Go ahead, Legacy! I love her honestly, although she can be a bit blunt! And I can’t believe they’ve figured out the whole Richard thing. This is so good! mum

    1. Her bluntness is my favorite thing. I love writing her because she says and does things that I never would have the guts to do!

  3. “Hemsworthiness” I love it! You’ve made them an adjective and I’m totally stealing it. (And secretly praying I run into someone who is worthy of using it for!) I can’t wait to hear what he has to tell her.

    Thanks for the post!

    1. I was sort of proud of that when I thought of it 😂 It seems like time for Legacy to be getting some action too!! Thank you, as always, for reading and having nice things to say!!

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