Episode 136

One more glass? One more secret revealed...

“Alright,” Carrie dove in. “What do you say we carb it up and spill our guts. No regrets.”

“Spill…our…guts,” David drawled out with emphasis. “Why? You got something you need to get off of your chest?”

“Are you insinuating that I’m keeping secrets?” Carrie teased, not catching on to the trap that she’d inadvertently set for herself. “I just thought it would be good for us to talk, I guess.”

“Alright then. Twenty questions. I’ll go first. Are you sleeping with Nate?” he spat the whole statement out in one breath.

“Whoa, that’s your first question? No warm-up then? You’re just diving right in?”

“Are you?,” David pressed.

“This was my idea. I’ll ask first. Tell me what happened with Matt.” She picked at a burnt piece of pizza crust.

“That’s not even a question and I already asked first. Are you having sex-shu-al in-ter-course?”

He made a pumping motion with his fist.

Carrie turned several shades of pink and turned away, giggling.

“Oh my God!,”

“What? I didn’t say anything.”

“You slut!” he laughed so hard he choked.

“Me? Oh, okay,” she motioned like she was picking up an imaginary phone. “Hello, pot. Yeah, this is the kettle. Just called to say hi. How ya been? Also, yer black… byeee. I didn’t say anything!”

“Answer the question then. Are you sleeping with Nate?”

“Why do you want to know?” she argued, her face turning from a glowing blush to bright crimson.

“That’s a question and it’s not your turn.” David insisted. “But, I don’t know. I guess I don’t want to be left out. Also, I… I want you to know you can talk to me.” he shrugged.

“I know that. But you don’t like him and that makes it harder.”

“No, I really don’t.” he frowned.


“That’s another question,” David smiled warmly. “Answer mine and I’ll answer yours.”

“Okay,” she sighed placing a hand against her cheek and peeking through her fingers as if to shield herself from his reaction. “Yes. I am. Nathan and I started sleeping together a few days after I got back from my trip.”

David cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably. He was otherwise, a challenge to read. “And?”

“And what?”

“How was it…uh.. is it?”

“Answer me first. Why don’t you like him?”

“Maybe I don’t have a reason. That’s my answer. Now, answer me. How was it?”

“That’s cheating, you have to have an answer.”

“I don’t know…”

“Fine.” she took a sip of wine and crossed her arms. “Nathan is working. I’ve got no place to be unless Legacy calls with something on Amanda so I can wait.”

David flagged a server on her way by the table and motioned to her for two more glasses of wine.

“Careful,” Carrie laughed. “This is house wine remember.”

David leaned in, laying his hands gently over both her wrists. “The night you met him, at the Donor Prom… I had this idea that we were going to get back together that night. He got in my way.”

“That’s stupid. You don’t really want us to get back together?”

“No, God, I… of course, I don’t. I just didn’t know I didn’t until recently. I know that’s not who we are supposed to be. And I’m not in love with you. I think I knew that we’d just break up again but that if it could be over something other than Lindsay, something… I don’t know, with less impact that we could go back to the way things were.”

“That’s really dumb but I sort of get it.” She blotted the extra grease from her slice of pizza with a napkin and continued. “So that still doesn’t explain why you don’t like him now.”

“I got used to it… the not liking him, I guess and then I got to your apartment the other morning and he was in your shower and I got territorial and I’m sorry.”

“Can you get over yourself please and try?”

“That’s a new question.”

“You’re a dick. What’s your question?”

“How was it? Did Dr. Longschlong rock your world?”

“Are you hoping I’ll say it was amazing or are you hoping it was just meh?”

David contemplated less than a second. “I hope it’s amazing. You deserve that.”

“It’s so… so good. I’m not even sure I could describe it if I wanted to but it’s so much more and way better than anything I ever invented in my head. He’s… so… what am I trying to say?”

“That it’s good. Good, I’m glad. Even the first time?”

“Especially then. That’s was… the way he was..,” she fanned herself.

“I didn’t hurt?”

“You are full of questions. Don’t I get a turn?”

“I’m trying to change my answer to your last question.”

“Is talking about sex with Nathan going make you like him or not like him even more?”

“I like you right now. You should see your face.”

“I can feel it.” She rested her wine glass against her warm cheek. “Yes, it hurt. But again, I’d prepared myself for something much worse. And what came after…well…” she whistled out a breath and fanned herself again.

David took a sip of wine and then another. “This stuff is shit. You want another?”

“Not yet. My turn. Do you think you and Nathan will ever be able to get along?”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll try if he will. I really will.”

“He already likes you.”

“He does not.”

“Yes, he does. He told me he does.”


“Is that your next question?”

“Yeah, I..I guess. Why the hell would he like the ex-boyfriend who more or less threatened to kick his ass if he did… well what he did to you.” He made a pumping motion with his fist and smirked.

“That is why he likes you. You were a total prick on my birthday.”

“That’s what I’m saying…”

“You did it to protect me. You were willing to be a complete ass to keep me safe. That impressed him.”

“The guy’s a fucking boy scout.”

“He kinda is. Alright. I still want to know what happened with Matt.”

“Nothing happened, exactly. He was there one minute and we were hugging and talking and then he was gone.”

“Was it uncomfortable? Did he say anything about… her?”

“That’s two questions?”

‘I’ll owe you. David, talk to me.”

“It wasn’t at all uncomfortable, just sad I guess. Nothing seemed different except he said he wasn’t going to tell her he came to see me.”

“You’re the dirty mistress.”

“Thank you.”


“No one gives me shit like you do. It makes it feel like we’re okay.”

“We are.”


She nodded. “Yes.”

4 thoughts on “Episode 136

  1. Okay, David can ask questions. As long as he doesn’t use her answers as ammo later on. So glad you’re posting again!

    1. I think you’ll find that he just misses his friend and that he really wants her happy. It’s surprising him more than anyone. Also, it’s good to be back. 💕

  2. Carrie’s too nice. I don’t think David will be drinking the Dr. Kool-aid anytime soon. I could just feel how giddy and lit up she was when talking about Nate. Clearly David could see it. I was waiting for him to ask her if she was in love with him. mum

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