New With Tags Official Movie Poster

New With Tags is a fictional blog, adapted from the screenplay, currently in pre-production.  This blog is definitely an experiment.  I found, after finishing the screenplay, that there was more to tell.  To be completely transparent, my hope is that you’ll come to love Caroline, Nate, Legacy, and everyone else like I do;  so much that we launch the film with a built in audience.

This is definitely a work in progress but I decided to launch on February 13th for two reasons.  Chronologically, the story begins in mid February and while I can’t promise to completely keep up with a “real time” posting schedule, it seemed fitting.  The bigger motivation is that February 14th is National Donor Day which is focused on on five points of life: organs, tissues, marrow, platelets, and blood.  The relevancy of this to the story will become apparent very quickly.

Come along for the ride, please leave comments and feedback, ask questions,  and introduce yourself.  Along the way, there will be production updates, behind the scenes, free stuff, merchandise, and even story related fashion, fitness, and recipes!